AVG Digital Diaries in the media

Since the fifth AVG Digital Diaries study was released, it has had extensive media coverage, being picked up by 60 media outlets and blogs - and counting.    Some highlights are as follows:

To hear interviews with the panellists who were at the AVG Digital Diaries launch event, listen to the BBC Outriders Podcast (nine minutes in) 

The NextWeb similarly did an extensive piece on the event itself 

Isabel McFadden had the following to say about the report in her Technorati Women piece:

"Teenagers are savvy enough to understand privacy settings and notifications and can set those to limit parental involvement (and awareness), but the level of engagement doesn’t have to be invasive to be effective. In fact, most parents still have a positive view of their children’s online activities"

Over on, a blog piece by Haydn Shaughnessy concludes:

"AVG is recommending that parents realize that they need to teach children good online behaviour rather than spying on them. And the teaching should begin in infancy."   

At PC Mag, Neil J Rubenking comments:

Modern kids have experiences and hurdles that their parents never faced. Parents can’t necessarily help, and schools aren’t effective at teaching teens how to use the Internet responsibly.”   

Finally, All Facebook has featured both AVG’s tips on keeping teens safe, as well as the video AVG produced accompanying the campaign